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December Update

We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2018. Our Christmas CD download, is still available on the Christmas page for anyone who missed it, so grab it before it's too late!

To start off 2018, we have a Special Offer on the covers series "We Do 'Em Our Way", and you can pick up all three volumes for a tenner - see New Releases Page.

We are aware that many of you will already have the first two volumes, so "We Do 'Em Our Way FREE!" will automatically be added to all orders totalling at least £10.



A to Z Checklist

If you prefer, you can download and print-out our 'A to Z Checklist'. This is in PDF format and enables collectors to quickly identify the CDs they have missed out on, and to add them to their 'Want's List'. Anyone requiring a different format, just ask.

'A to Z Checklist'




You won't find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other bullshit social media site, 'cos we are anti-social. Wise up to these State Tools you Fools!

If you have anything to say, then say it here, either through the 'Message Board' or by email using the 'Contact Us' option from the main menu.



When shipping packages all over the world, it is inevitable that the odd one will go missing, but we are unable to do anything about it unless we are informed, so please do not post messages on internet forums that we do not read, get in touch, and help us to resolve any problems.

Parcels can be sent by 'Recorded Delivery' for an additional £5 - £10, BUT PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITH ORDER, so if unsure, ask for a total. This has proved to keep losses to a minimum and speeds things up considerably. It also provides full tracking information from posting to delivery through the Royal Mail website.








We have some some unique gift ideas - Framed Photographs, LP Covers, Platinum Discs, and Picture Discs, so contact us with your requirements, CLICK HERE for ideas.


Punk Domain Youtube channel
We now have a YouTube channel which includes a preview of The Lurkers GLM new album CLICK HERE.

We have also posted some rare footage of early Punk Bands such as 'The Drones', so check it out, 'subscribe', and leave your comments, whether favourable or not.







A to Z Checklist

If you wish to receive a text to notify you of any updates to this website, please email us your contact details, and you will be added to the group.




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